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Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtain

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Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtain

Quick details of stainless steel ring mesh curtain

  • Material: stainless steel roun rings

  • ring size in standard: 0.53mm x 3.81mm, 0.8mm x 7mm, 1mm x8mm, 1.2mmx10mm, 1.5mm x15mm

  • surface treatment: PVD, electroplating, antique

  • colors in standard: silver, gold, bronze

  • application: decoration curtain, room divider, fireproof curtain, wall facade, ceiling treatment, window treatment, light drapery

Standard Specification details of stainless steel ring mesh curtain

Mold termwire diametertechnical typering size
HH-S-8001.0MMhand weave8.00mm
HH-S-10001.2MMhand weave10.0mm
HH-S-12001.2MMhand weave and weld12.0mm
HH-S-15001.5MMhand weave and weld15.0mm
HH-S-20002.0MMhand weave and weld20.0mm
HH-S-25002.5MMhand weave and weld25.0mm
HH-S-30003.0MMhand weave and weld30.0mm

Image of stainless steel ring mesh curtain

Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtain(图1)

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