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Self Locking Washer

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Metal Insulation Pin Speed Washer

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metal insulation pin speed washer include:

◆round self locking washer

◆square self locking washer

◆metal dome cap washer

◆plastic cover with metal clip

Specification Of Insulation Pin Speed Washer

round self locking  washer0.4mm-0.7mm



Metal Insulation Pin Speed Washer(图1)
square self locking washer0.4mm-0.7mm





Metal Insulation Pin Speed Washer(图2)
dome cap washer0.4mm-0.7mm

22mm, 30mm, 

40mm, 50mm

Metal Insulation Pin Speed Washer(图3)
plastic cover clip0.4mm-0.7mm40mmMetal Insulation Pin Speed Washer(图4)

Please  note:

◆common washer material is mild steel and stainless steel material 0.4mm. if the diameter more than 40mm, the 

   thickness is 0.5mm. aluminum material is special material for washer. the thickness is from 0.5mm to 0.6mm.

◆surface treatment- zinc coated & spraying plated for mild steel and aluminum material.

Metal Insulation Pin Speed Washer(图5)

Application of insulation pin metal speed washer

metal speed washer with insulation pins fix insualtion material layers on wall.

Metal Insulation Pin Speed Washer(图6)

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